Budapest Hostels

BPArt Hostel
Located just a mere 450 yards from the main street for restaurants and bars in the city it does mean that there is always going to be something to do particularly in the evening with you then not having far to travel to get back to where you are staying.

Aurora Hostel
Aurora Hostel building is splendid. It is tall and artistically designed to match the standards of the city. The fa├žade depict a little complex artistic work while a walk inside reveals fantastic finishing. The atmosphere is cool and hospitable.

Interflat Hostel
When it comes to the services, then there is a 24 hour reception desk so the staff are always around in some form so they are able to help you with your problems no matter what they may be.

Krudy12 Hostel
The Krudy12 Hostel also has its own bar and sticking with the ski theme there are storage facilities for skis also available on site. You will also find that there are pets allowed and it is also family friendly with a babysitting service being made available to anybody that stays there.

Comebackpackers Hostel
All in all, this hostel offers a wonderful relaxing environment at low cost. Accommodation services are strictly for adults due to unavailability of extra beds for children. Booking is safe and easy and can be done online at the comfort of your sitting room.